Can I keep my house if I get divorced?

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You brought some property into your marriage, accumulated some property along the way, and now you are facing a divorce.  You need advice about what is really yours, hers, and in between.  You are not alone to have commingled property—many people have concerns about property and what ultimately happens to it, especially if it is a house or some other large asset.

Many people get confused and think that whatever is in their name is their property and same goes for their spouse.  Unfortunately, that is not how it works in Georgia.  We are a community property state and the character or nature of the property depends upon its inception of title—when did you acquire that piece of property.  Community property is anything acquired during marriage, no matter whose name it is in.  Separate property is anything acquired prior to marriage or by gift, devise or descent during marriage.  Therefore, if you bought your home prior to marriage then it is your separate property.

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