Can Facebook be used against me in a divorce?

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You’re in the midst of a contested divorce and you are keeping all of your friends, relatives, and the world update on Facebook. You post pictures, updates as to the status of your case, and post how you feel about your soon-to-be-ex. This should be your personal diary and is there for you to vent. Right? Wrong. The Hamilton Law Firm handles numerous divorces on a daily basis. More recently, we are seeing the issue of our clients falling into the Facebook trap. Do not be discouraged; our office has the experience to assist you not only through your divorce but to ensure that you take the steps yourself so as to not hinder positive results.

If you post anything that is defamatory/derogatory/harassing, etc. against the other party or their attorney, the Court would definitely frown upon that. More importantly, that gives the other party ammunition to file a contempt motion against you.

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