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Can a TPO affect my Divorce or Custody case?

Yes. A TPO can have a significant impact on a Divorce or Custody action. It can affect the rights of both the victim and the abuser. In order to know how your rights may be affected, it is best to consult an attorney if you become involved in a stalking or domestic violence case and […]

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Can Facebook be used against me in a divorce?

You’re in the midst of a contested divorce and you are keeping all of your friends, relatives, and the world update on Facebook. You post pictures, updates as to the status of your case, and post how you feel about your soon-to-be-ex. This should be your personal diary and is there for you to vent. […]

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Can I keep my house if I get divorced?

You brought some property into your marriage, accumulated some property along the way, and now you are facing a divorce.  You need advice about what is really yours, hers, and in between.  You are not alone to have commingled property—many people have concerns about property and what ultimately happens to it, especially if it is […]

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